Quranic Vocabulary #130

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  • نَقْبًا Any penetration
  • يَمُوجُ To surge
  • عَرْضًا Display
  • غِطَاءٍ A cover
  • نُزُلًا A hospitality
  • صُنْعًا Work
  • الْفِرْدَوْسَ The paradise
  • مِدَادًا Ink
  • نَفِدَ Exhausted
  • خَفِيًّا Secret
  • وَهْنٍ Weakness
  • اشْتَعَلَ Flared
  • شِيبًا Gray-haired
  • شَقِيًّا Unblessed
  • مَوَالِيكُمْ Your friends
  • عَاقِرًا Barren
  • سَمِيًّا Any similarity
  • عِتِيًّا Extreme
  • صَبِيًّا A child
  • انْتَبَذَتْ She withdrew
  • تَمَثَّلَ Assumed for her the likeness
  • قَصِيًّا Remote
  • مَخَاضُ Pains of childbirth
  • جِذْعِ النَّخْلَةِ The trunk of palm tree
  • نَسْيًا مَنْسِيًّا Utterly forgotten
  • سَرِيًّا A stream
  • جَنِيًّا Ripe
  • رُطَبًا Fresh dates
  • قُرِئَ Is recited
  • فَرِيًّا An amazing thing
  • الْمَهْدِ The cradle

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