Ord ur Koranen #131

The exercise was created 2022-11-20 by Mhdn. Question count: 32.

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  • بَرًّا Dutiful
  • مَشْهَدِ Witnessing
  • أَبْصِرْ How clearly he sees
  • أَسْمِعْ How clearly he hears
  • مَلِيًّا A prolonged time
  • حَفِيًّا Ever gracious
  • اعْتَزَلَهُمْ I will leave you
  • أَضَاعُوا Who neglected
  • غَيًّا Evil
  • مَأْتِيًّا Sure to come
  • اصْطَبِرْ Be steadfast
  • جِثِيًّا Bent on knees
  • صِلِيًّا Being burnt
  • حَتْمًا An inevitability
  • نَدِيًّا Assembly
  • رِئْيًا Appearance
  • مَرَدًّا Return
  • فَرْدًا Alone
  • ضِدًّا Opponents
  • أَزًّا Incitement
  • وَفْدًا A delegation
  • وِرْدًا Thirsty
  • إِدًّا Atrocious
  • هَدًّا Devastation
  • وُدًّا Affection
  • لُدًّا Hostile
  • رِكْزًا A sound
  • لِتَشْقَىٰ That you be distressed
  • الثَّرَىٰ The soil
  • امْكُثُوا Stay here
  • آنَسْتُ Perceived
  • قَبَسٍ Burning

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