Ord ur Koranen #32

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  • اِنْتَهُوْا They cease
  • عُدْوَانٌ Hostility
  • حُرُامَاتْ Forbidden
  • تَهْلُكَة Destruction
  • أُحْصِرْتُمْ You are held back
  • اِسْتَيْسَرَ Obtained with ease
  • الْهَدْيُ Gift
  • لَا تَحْلِقُوْا Do not shave
  • رُؤُوْسُ Heads
  • يَبْلُغَ Reaches
  • مَحِلَّهُ Its destination
  • أَذًى Hurt
  • نُسُكٍ Sacrifice
  • أَمِنْتُمْ You are secure
  • تَمَتَّعَ Enjoy yourselves
  • حَاضِرِيْ Present
  • شَدِيْدُالْعِقَابْ Severe in punishment
  • مَعْلُومَاتْ Well known
  • فُسُوْقٌ Wickedness
  • جِدَالٌ Quarrel
  • تَزَوَّدُوْا Make provision
  • خَيْرُالزَّادِ Best of provisions
  • قَضَيْتُمْ You completed

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