Ord ur Koranen #60

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  • ذَكَرٌ Male
  • أُنْثى Female
  • أُوْذُوْا Were harmed
  • تَقَّلُبْ Turnover
  • مَاْوَى Abode
  • مِهَادُ Resting-place
  • نُزُلًا A hospitable gift
  • خَاشِعِيْنَ Humbly submissive
  • أرْحَام Ties of kinship
  • رَقِيْبًا An observer
  • حُوْبًا Sin
  • قِسْطُ Fair
  • طَابَ Seems suitable
  • مَثْنَى Pairs
  • ثُلَاثَ By threes
  • رُبَاع By fours
  • عَدْلٌ Just
  • أَيْمَان Right hands
  • أَدْنَى More suitable
  • ألَّا تَعُولُوا That you will not do injustice
  • صَدُقَات Dower
  • نِحْلَةٌ Graciously
  • هَنِيْأً With pleasure
  • قِيَامًا Means of support

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