Ord ur Koranen #61

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  • اُكْسُوْا Clothe
  • كِسْوَةٌ Clothing
  • بَلَغُوْا They reached
  • آنَسْت Perceived
  • رُشْدًا Sound judgement
  • إسْرَافًا Extravagantly
  • بِدَارًا In haste
  • فَلْيَسْتَعْفِف Then he should refrain
  • أقْرَبُوْنَ Those nearest in relationship
  • قَلَّ Be tiny
  • كَثُرَ Be larger
  • مَفْرُوْضًا Obligatory
  • قِسْمَةٌ Division
  • الَقُرْبَى Relatives
  • وَلْيَخْش And let fear
  • سَدِيْدًا Appropriate
  • سَعِيْرًا Blazing fire
  • حَظٌّ Portion
  • اِثْنَتَيْنِ Two females
  • ثُلُثَا Two thirds
  • نِصْفٌ One half
  • سُدُسٌ One sixth
  • ثُلٌثٌ One third
  • لَا تَدْرُوْنَ You know not
  • رُبُعٌ One fourth
  • ثُمُنٌ One eighth
  • كَلَالَةٌ One who has neither parents nor children

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