Quranic Vocabulary #94

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  • الرُّشْدِ The right way
  • حِلْيَةٍ Ornaments
  • جَسَدًا Body
  • خُوَارٌ A lowing sound
  • سَقَطُوا They have fallen
  • غَضْبَانَ Angry
  • أَسِفًا Sorrowful
  • لَا تُشْمِتْ Don't make them to rejoice
  • نُسْخَةُ Inscription
  • خِيْرُ الْغَافِرِيْنَ Best of forgivers
  • أُصِيبُ I afflict
  • أَشَاءُ I will
  • الْأُمِّيَّ The unlettered
  • وَيَضَعُ And he relieves
  • إِصْرَهُمْ Their burden
  • الْأَغْلَالَ Shackles
  • وَعَزَّرُوهُ And honor him
  • أَسْبَاطًا Tribes
  • فَانْبَجَسَتْ Then gushed forth
  • عَيْنًا Springs
  • حِيتَانُهُمْ Their fish
  • شُرَّعًا Visibly
  • تَعِظُوْنَ You preach
  • مَعْذِرَةً To be absolved
  • بَـئِيسٍ Wretched

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