Oregelbundna verb (Sommarskola 2022)

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  • When I came home last night, I felt ( ← kände) really tired.
  • Yesterday I drank (←drack) two liters of water.
  • The lesson began (←började) later than usual.
  • All of a sudden she forgot (←glömde) her name.
  • She came (←kom) home very late last night.
  • He never knew (←visste) his father.
  • They bought (← köpte) a new house.
  • He broke (←hade sönder) the window by mistake.
  • They chose (←valde) to go home earlier.
  • He gave (← gav) his book to the boy.
  • They met (←träffades) a year ago.
  • She put (← lade) her bag on the table before walking away.
  • He only slept (←sov) three hours last night.
  • Someone took (←tog) his mobile phone during lunch.
  • They won (←vann) the entire championship.
  • She wrote down (←skrev ner) three words.
  • He never understood (←förstod) what to do.
  • He swam (←simmade) the whole afternoon.
  • They only sang (←sjöng) two songs that evening.
  • Mr. Steven shut (←stängde) the door behind him.
  • The teacher spoke (←talade) with a very low voice.
  • The old man sold (←sålde) his house to his son.
  • The boy shook (←skakade) the bottle before giving it to his father.
  • The boy ran (←sprang) as fast as he could.
  • The mother saw (←såg) her child for the last time.
  • He read (←läste) two books per week.
  • She said (←sa) that she would never come back.
  • He made (←gjorde) his bed and then he left.
  • She kept (←behöll) the number to herself.
  • He had (←hade) never kissed a girl before.

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