Pitholmsskolan eng. oregelb. verb 2

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  • feel felt, felt
  • fight fought, fought
  • find found, found
  • fly flew, flown
  • forget forgot, forgotten
  • freeze froze, frozen
  • get got, got
  • give gave, given
  • go went, gone
  • grow grew, grown
  • hang hung, hung
  • have had, had
  • hear heard, heard
  • hide hid, hidden
  • hit hit, hit
  • hold held, held
  • hurt hurt, hurt
  • keep kept, kept
  • know knew, known
  • lead led, led
  • lean leant, leant
  • learn learnt, learnt
  • leave left, left
  • lend lent, lent
  • let let, let

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