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  • on, above epi-
  • beneath sub-
  • exterior externus
  • interior internus
  • outside of extra-
  • within intra-
  • between inter-
  • above, over hyper-
  • below, under hypo-
  • below/ beneath infra-
  • above supra-
  • deep profundus
  • superficial superficialis
  • before, ahead of pre-
  • after post-
  • through per-
  • around, encircling peri-
  • lacking, without (_-, __-, _-) a-, an-, o-
  • Divides the body into right and left parts. If the sagittal plane goes through the centre of the body it is called the median plane sagittal plane
  • Divides the body into an upper and lower part traverse plane (= horizontal plane)
  • Divides the body into front and back frontal plane

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