Possessive Suffix

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  • My book Ktâbî كْتابي
  • Your book (s.) Ktâbk كْتابك
  • His book Ktâbô كْتابو
  • Her book Ktâbhâ كْتابها
  • Our book Ktâbnâ كْتابنا
  • Your book (p.) Ktâbkom كْتابكم
  • Their book Ktâbhom كْتابهم
  • My î
  • Your (s.) k
  • His ô
  • Her
  • Our
  • Your (p.) kom
  • Their hom
  • My school Mdrastî مدرستي
  • Your school (s.) Mdrastk مدرستك
  • His school Mdrasto مدرستو
  • Her school Mdrast-hâ* مدرستها
  • Our school Mdrastnâ مدرستنا
  • Your school (p.) Mdrastkom مدرستكم
  • Their school Mdrast-hom مدرستهم
  • My mother mâmâyâ مامايا
  • His mother mâmâh ماماه
  • My brother khôyâ خويا
  • His brother khôh خوه

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