Pragmatics 5

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  • person deixis form used to point to people me, you
  • politeness showing awareness of another person´s public self image
  • positive face the need to be connected to belong to a group
  • positive politeness showing solidaritet with another
  • potential presupposition an assumption typically associated with use of a linguistic form the verb regret in the sentence" He regrets that " carries an assumption that he did that
  • pragmatic accent aspects of talk that indicate what is assumed to be communicated without being said
  • pragmatic connection a conversational association between a person´s name and a kind of object, for example " Shakespeare " used to identify a book
  • pragmatics the study of speaker meaning as distinct from word or sentence meaning
  • pre-announcement utterance before an announcement to check if an announcement can be made, for example Mom, you know what ?
  • preference a pattern in which one type of utterance will be more typically found in response to another in a conversational sequence an acceptance will more typically follow an invitation than a refusal
  • preferred the structurally expected next utterance used in a response
  • pre-invitation utterance before an invitation to check if an invitation can be made
  • pre-request utterance before a request to check if a request can be made
  • presupposition something that the speaker assumes to be the case
  • primary performative an utterance which performs a speech act but which does not contain a performative verb
  • projection problem the problem of the presupposition of a simple structure not surviving when part of a more complex structure
  • proximal near speaker this or here
  • psychological distance speaker´s marking of how close or distant something is preceived to be, that man over there
  • quality one of the maxims in which the speaker has to be thruthful
  • quantity maxim the speaker has to be neither more or less informative than is necessary
  • range of reference all the possible referents identifiable by use of a word

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