Pragmatics 6

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  • reference an act by which a speaker uses a word or words to enable a listener to identify someone or something
  • referential use using an expression to identify someone or something when the person or thing is assumed to be known
  • referring expression a linguistic form which enables a listener or reader to identify something
  • relation maxim one of the maxims in which a speaker has to be relevant
  • representative a speech act in which the speaker states what is believed or known for example it was a warm sunny day
  • scalar implicature an additional meaning of the negative of any higher value on a scale than the uttered some children, does not apply to all children
  • schema a pre-existing knowledge structure in memory, a school consist of many classrooms
  • script a pre-existing knowledge structure for interpretens event sequences visit to the dentist has a script of specific events in a sequence, visit to the dentist
  • semantics the study of how words literally connect to things
  • sincerity conditions requirements on the genuine intentions of a speaker in order for an utterance to count as a particular speech act
  • solidarity deixis forms used to point to location here, there
  • speech act an action preformed by the use of an utterance to communicate, apology complaint invitation
  • speech event a set of circumstances in which people interact in some conversational way to arrive to some outcome, speakers reach for a cup of tea on a cold winter day
  • structural presupposition part of a structure contains information being treated as already known, words after wh- questions in English are already known to be the case
  • syntax the study of the structures connecting linguistic forms
  • tautology meaningless expression in which one word is defined as itself, business is business
  • temporal deixis forms used to point to location in time, then
  • textual function the use of language in the creation of well formed text
  • Transition Relevance Place TRP A possible change of speaker point in an interaction
  • turn the opportunity to speak at some point during a conversation
  • turn-taking the change of speaker during conversation
  • T/V distinction a distinction between forms of familiar and a non-familiar addressee, Sie und du
  • zero anaphora the abscence of an expression in a structural slot where one is assumed as a way of maintaining reference Mary moved the lawn and then watered it

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