Pride and prejudice

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  • abode dwelling place
  • affability friendliness
  • amends give compensation
  • assent agree
  • bestow confer as gift
  • caprice lively or fanciful work of music
  • censure criticize harsly
  • civility politeness
  • condescend graciously consent to do something while showing superiority
  • contemplation to intend
  • coquetry to flirt as a woman does
  • countenance moral support
  • deceitful unreliable
  • deference respectful conduct
  • degenerate get worse
  • discernment to have good judgement
  • draught current of air indoors
  • eminent notable
  • empathic forcibly expressive
  • esteem think highly of
  • exultation feeling of triumph over a person
  • felicity intense happiness
  • folly foolishness
  • fortnight two weeks
  • gallantry bravery
  • humility humbleness
  • impertinent insolent
  • indignation anger at supposed injustice etc.

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