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  • morfar, farfar grandfather
  • mormor, farmor grandmother
  • faster (farbrors fru på svenska om ingift "faster"), moster aunt
  • farbror, morbror uncle
  • styvfar stepfather
  • mamma mother
  • svärfar father-in-law
  • svärmor mother-in-law
  • kusin cousin
  • svägerska sister-in-law
  • bror brother
  • första fru, ex-fru first wife
  • nuvarande fru, andra fru second wife
  • fru wife
  • brorson, systerson nephew
  • brorsdotter, systerdotter niece
  • svärdotter daughter-in-law
  • son son
  • dotter daughter
  • styvdotter stepdaughter
  • barnbarn, sondotter, dotterdotter granddaughter
  • barnbarn, sonson, dotterson grandson
  • barnbarn grandchild

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