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  • ryggsäck backpack
  • klocka clock
  • dator computer
  • pulpet, skrivbord desk
  • ordbok, lexikon dictionary
  • tavelsudd, suddgummi eraser
  • övningsbok exercise book
  • mapp file
  • gymnastiksal gymnasium
  • rektor headteacher
  • tangentbord keyboard
  • karta map
  • mus mouse
  • anslagstavla notice board
  • OH, overhead projektor overhead projector
  • blyertspenna pencil
  • pennvässare pencil sharpener
  • lekplats playground
  • pekpinne pointer
  • printer printer
  • elev pupil
  • referensbok reference book
  • suddgummi rubber
  • linjal ruler
  • skärm screen
  • läsordning, schema timetable
  • skräpkorg wastepaper basket
  • vita tavlan whiteboard
  • taveltusch whiteboard pen

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