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  • witty funny
  • cringeworthy embarrassing
  • context text, situation
  • rubber a hard, can be stretchy, material
  • durability last for long, endurance
  • sales when/what you have for others to buy
  • increase going up in numbers/price, gain
  • to adore to love
  • account for a part of or explain
  • feature component, part of something
  • according to just as someone else thinks/says
  • involved mixed up in
  • primetime TV programmes during best time of evening
  • amount to total of
  • tune out stop listening
  • on average about, middle of something
  • shoot filming
  • hesitate not quite sure
  • bond with form a connection
  • incorporate mix in, insert
  • epic grand, big
  • in exchange for swap for something else
  • literally precisely
  • remote-controlled controlled from a distance
  • possession something you own

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