Pronouns Arabic

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  • I/me (singular, masculine or feminine) 'anâ
  • you (singular, masculine) 'anta
  • you (singular, feminine) 'anti
  • you (plural, masculine) 'antum
  • you (plural, feminine) ântunna
  • he (singular, masculine) huwa
  • she (singular, feminine) hiya
  • we (plural, masculine or feminine) naHnu
  • they (plural, masculine) hum
  • they (plural, feminine) hunna
  • him/his lahu
  • her lahâ
  • us/our/ours lanâ
  • them minhum
  • my
  • your lakum
  • their min
  • mine manjam
  • yours laka
  • hers khaaSSatuhaa
  • theirs lahum

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