Quranic Vocabulary #150

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  • ذَوَاتَا Having
  • خَمْطٍ Bitter
  • أَثْلٍ Tamarisks
  • سِدْرٍ Lote trees
  • فُزِّعَ Fear is removed
  • أَلْحَقْتُمْ You have joined
  • مَوْقُوفُونَ Will be made to stand
  • الْغُرُفَاتِ The high dwellings
  • يُخْلِفَ Will break
  • مِعْشَارَ A tenth
  • يَقْذِفُ Projects
  • التَّنَاوُشُ The receiving
  • بِأَشْيَاعِهِمْ With their kind
  • يَصْعَدُ Ascends
  • يَبُورُ Perish
  • عَذْبٌ Palatable
  • فُرَاتٌ Sweet
  • مُثْقَلَةٌ A heavily laden
  • الْحَرُورُ The heat
  • خَلَا Had passed
  • جُدَدٌ Tracts
  • غَرَابِيبُ Intensely black
  • تَبُورَ It will perish
  • لُغُوبٌ Weariness
  • يَصْطَرِخُونَ Will cry
  • مَقْتًا Hatred
  • تَزُولَا They cease
  • زَالَتَا They should cease

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