Quranic Vocabulary #161

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  • الْجَارِيَاتِ Those sailing
  • الْمُقَسِّمَاتِ Those distributing
  • الْحُبُكِ Pathways
  • الْخَرَّاصُونَ The liars
  • يُفْتَنُونَ Will be tried
  • يَهْجَعُونَ They used to sleep
  • صَرَّةٍ A loud voice
  • صَكَّتْ Struck
  • رُكْنٍ A support
  • ذَنُوبًا A portion
  • رَقٍّ Parchment
  • مَنْشُورٍ Unrolled
  • الْمَعْمُورِ Frequented
  • الْمَسْجُورِ Filled
  • دَافِعٍ Preventer
  • مَوْرًا Shake
  • دَعًّا A thrust
  • أَلَتْنَاهُمْ We will deprive them
  • رَهِينٌ Pledged
  • رَيْبَ الْمَنُونِ A misfortune of time
  • طَاغُونَ Transgressing
  • تَقَوَّلَهُ He has made it up
  • الْمُصَيْطِرُونَ The controllers
  • مُثْقَلُونَ Burdened
  • هَوَىٰ It goes down
  • مِرَّةٍ Possessor of soundness
  • دَنَا He approached
  • تَدَلَّ Came down
  • ضِيزَىٰ Unfair
  • اللَّمَمَ The small faults

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