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  • inconceivable impossible to imagine
  • callow inexperienced
  • abject without pride
  • compose form, make-up
  • excise remove
  • receptable container
  • profilerate multiply
  • check stop, limit
  • susceptible easily influenced
  • prodigious extremely great
  • ruddy red and healthy looking
  • interminable endless
  • deftly quickly and skillfully
  • heredity genetic inheritance
  • relish great pleasure
  • promptly quickly, without delay
  • sultry uncomfortably warm and wet
  • recede fade into the distance
  • tier one of several layers
  • duly accordingly, as expected
  • extract substance taken from another substance
  • inject introduce a liquid using a syringe
  • nuisance something that annoys you
  • postulate suggest
  • revert return
  • deferential polite
  • inoculate vaccinate
  • slacken off slow down

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