révisions - tous les verbes

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  • étudier to study
  • habiter to live
  • trouver to find
  • commencer to start
  • regarder to watch
  • manger to eat
  • jouer to play
  • porter to wear/to carry
  • visiter to visit
  • rentrer to come back
  • nager to swim
  • grandir to grow up
  • finir to finish
  • réagir to react
  • réussir to succeed
  • être to be
  • avoir to have
  • aller to go
  • faire to make/to do
  • voir to see
  • prendre to take
  • venir to come
  • pouvoir to be able to
  • devoir to have to
  • dire to tell/to say
  • courir to run
  • vouloir to want
  • écrire to write
  • lire to read
  • partir to leave
  • savoir to know
  • se réveiller to wake up
  • se lever to go up
  • se brosser les dents to brush teeth
  • s’habiller to get dressed
  • se coiffer to fix hair
  • se promener to take a walk
  • s’appeler to be named

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