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  • share something with jagama midagi
  • talk about animals rääkima loomadest
  • keep cats as pets pidama kasse lemmikloomadena
  • around the world kogu maailmas
  • on farms taludes
  • help people by giving them food aitama inimesi andes neile toitu
  • hundreds of animals sajad loomad
  • even faster isegi kiiremini
  • come face to face with sattuma vastastikku
  • look into your eyes vaatama sulle silma sisse
  • think of chocolate mõtlema šokolaadist
  • take care of hoolitsema kellegi eest
  • get along with saama läbi
  • feel sorry for kaasa tundma
  • all night long kogu öö läbi
  • in the corner of a barn lauda nurgas
  • save your life päästma sinu elu
  • keep-kept hoidma, pidama
  • stick-stuck kleepima
  • feed-fed toitma
  • sleep-slept magama
  • shine-shone särama
  • hang-hung rippuma

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