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  • Аа [a] car
  • Бб [b] bad
  • Вв [v] van
  • Гг [g] great
  • Дд [d] dad
  • Ее [e, ye] yes
  • Ёё [yo, jo] your
  • Жж [zh] uSual
  • Зз [z] zip
  • Ии [i] inch
  • Кк [k] kelp
  • Лл [l] lamp
  • Йй [i, j] toY
  • Мм [m] man
  • Нн [n] nap
  • Оо [o] more
  • Пп [p] pen
  • Рр [r] river
  • Сс [s] sun
  • Тт [t] tall
  • Уу [u] tOOl
  • Фф [f] form
  • Хх [kh, h] Hazard
  • Цц [ts] piZZa
  • Чч [ch] chat
  • Шш [shch] SHeer
  • Ъъ “hard sign”, not pronounced (softens the preceding consonant)
  • Ыы [e] rosEs
  • Ьь “soft sign”, not pronounced (softens the preceding consonant)
  • Ээ [e] Exit
  • Юю [yu, ju] YOU
  • Яя [ya, ja] YArd

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