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  • quandary in a situation where you have to make a choice and you do not know what to do
  • supercilious behaving like you are better than other people and you don’t care about other opinions or thoughts
  • sycophant person who praises other (rich/famous) people. They want something back and take advantage of them
  • vigilance good in noticing possible danger. careful attention
  • unkempt untidy, do not care. ex to clean or how you look
  • remuneration reward, money, salary, compensation
  • viable able to exist (biological) or able to succeed (work)
  • feasible be able to. Ex can now clone people or build a house because we have those sources
  • rudimentary basic, not developed. Methods or systems
  • vehemently say/express something in a strong or emotional way
  • trepidation fear or worry about what is going to happen
  • taciturn not speak that much, reserved, introvert
  • scantily wearing very little clothing
  • retrospect thinking now about something that happened in the past

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