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  • glass we drink out of this
  • bus it carries passengers by road
  • hero someone you admire
  • wife husband and ...?
  • favourite what or who you like the most
  • friend someone you like to spend time with
  • walk moving, but slower than running
  • week 7 days in a ....
  • books we read these
  • year 365 days in a ......
  • very more than quite e.g. this is ....... good
  • English the language you are using now
  • geography all about the world, countries, weather etc
  • classroom where children sit and study at school
  • Monday the first day of the week at school
  • Thursday the day before Friday
  • weekend the two days you aren't at school
  • table sit at the .......... on a chair
  • paper what you write on
  • map it shows you where places are
  • draw use a pencil to ....... a picture
  • speak when you say words out loud
  • cut use scissors to do this
  • whiteboard teachers write on this with coloured pens
  • today not tomorrow or yesterday
  • neighbour lives near or next to you
  • knife you cut food with this
  • watch look at something, maybe the TV
  • lesson you are in the English ..... now
  • subject at school: English, maths, art etc are all ........
  • big opposite of small
  • reading you are looking at these words and .......
  • close nearby
  • talk we do this out loud to communicate
  • Friday the day after Thursday
  • best the .... you can be (better than good)
  • Tuesday the day before Wednesday
  • Saturday the day before Sunday
  • pair of scissors these cut things
  • chair you sit on it
  • ruler draw straight lines with it
  • backpack wear this on your back
  • paint we put this on the outside of a house
  • answer question and .......
  • look see with your eyes
  • crayons colouring pencils
  • outside the opposite of inside
  • school where you are now
  • knives plural of knife
  • box we put things in this - they are all sizes
  • teacher a person who plans lessons
  • PE sport in school (physical education)
  • small not so big
  • competition where people can win things
  • write use a pen or pencil to .....
  • home where you live
  • grade a score you get for work
  • prize what you can win in a competition
  • history the story of what happened in the past
  • music you use ears to listen to this

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