Slaves to chocolate

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  • livelihood income
  • sustain enable something to exist
  • acute severe
  • toil work hard
  • extent size, degree
  • abuse cruel treatment of another person
  • condemnation criticism
  • manufacturer maker, producer
  • abound exist in large numbers
  • choosy fussy, difficult to please
  • call for demand that something happens
  • fund provide money for something
  • body organization
  • from the ground up completely
  • legislation law, set of laws
  • empower give someone the power to do something
  • pest insect that damages crops
  • pesticide chemical used by farmers to kill insects
  • prune trim
  • institute introduce, begin
  • return profit
  • -ridden full of something bad
  • fluctuate rise and fall
  • unrest conflict
  • stance attitude
  • outfit small organization
  • intermediary middleman
  • slump sudden large drop
  • sound sensible
  • at the expense of causing damage to

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