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  • twin gemelo
  • magazine revista
  • get tired of hartar
  • ferris wheel noria
  • weird, rare raro
  • would i be haría
  • owner dueño
  • cousin, bonus prima
  • box, cash register caja
  • anyway de todos modos
  • guess adivinar
  • lend prestar
  • sergeant sargento
  • well, wow, ohno vaya
  • ”cool” padre
  • t-shirt playera
  • sun block bloqueador solar
  • egg white claras de huevo
  • homemade food comida casera
  • roasted chicken breast pechuga asada
  • fried eggs huevos estrellados
  • whatever it takes cueste lo que cueste
  • compliment cumplido
  • joke broma
  • embarrassment vergüenza
  • around alrededor
  • expensive costoso

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