Sparks 9 Chapter 4 Text 2 Part 1

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  • is connected to refers to
  • very bad disastrous
  • know about aware of
  • to want to do something keen to
  • to support, to cheer for encourage
  • per person in a country per capita
  • very surprised amazed
  • a machine which dries clothes tumble dryer
  • need require
  • making bigger adding to
  • for one purpose dedicated
  • connected with flying aviation
  • the chemicals which give energy fuel
  • allowed to escape released
  • the waste from animals dung
  • a machine to cook food with the sun solar cooker
  • something which helps plants grow fertilizer
  • foods with a special flavour spices
  • to make a big change revolutionise
  • to make better develop
  • a sum of money given for a reason grant
  • time/money put into a project investment
  • animals on a farm livestock
  • plants for farm animals to eat fodder
  • to make smaller, reduce cut down
  • what you eat or buy consumption
  • to fall, to go down drop
  • at the moment currently
  • to have an effect on someone or something influence
  • almost the same similar

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