Sparks 9 Chapter 4 Text 3 Part 1

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  • thrown randomly scattered
  • an idea, feeling impression
  • less tidy untidier
  • untidy messy
  • worried, nervous concerned
  • too expensive unaffordable
  • expensive item luxury
  • today's Iran Persia
  • respect reverence
  • fragile, easily broken delicate
  • thin slim
  • unnecessarily superflously
  • a King (in Persia) Shah
  • a dress worn by ballet dancers tutu
  • very bright, showy, bling gaudy
  • with great effort desperately
  • someone who works with metal blacksmith
  • driver of underground trains in London tube driver
  • to help a child to grow up bring up
  • the bottom part of the shoe sole
  • fixed with a needle and thread stitched
  • a soft shoe you wear inside slipper
  • salt water from your eyes tear
  • the side of your face cheek
  • someone who has diabetes (an illness) diabetic

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