Spotlight 9 Unit passiivin 2 perfekti

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  • I have been asked to come. Minua on pyydetty tulemaan.
  • You have been taught at school. Sinua on opetettu koulussa.
  • He / She has been invited to the party. Hänet on kutsuttu juhlaan.
  • We have been helped. Meitä on autettu.
  • You have been answered. Teille on vastattu.
  • They have been told this. Heille on kerrottu tämä.
  • My favourite book has been filmed many times. Suosikkikirjani on filmattu monta kertaa.
  • Has everything been done? Onko kaikki tehty?
  • Has your old moped been sold? Onko vanha moposi myyty?
  • These videos have been watched many times. Nämä videot on katsottu monta kertaa.
  • Why haven't these books been read? Miksei näitä kirjoja ole luettu?
  • These windows have been washed. Nämä ikkunat on pesty.
  • When have your rooms been cleaned? Milloin teidän huoneenne on siivottu?
  • Why have the doors been opened? Miksi ovet on avattu?

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