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  • "John" speaks English very well. subjekt
  • John "speaks" English very well. predikat
  • John also "spoke" German. predikat
  • I "would like to have" a cup of coffee. predikat
  • Did you "write" that letter yourself? predikat
  • In the morning, "Mary" usually goes for a swim. subjekt
  • In the morning, Mary usually "goes" for a swim. predikat
  • In the evening, John "used to mail" me. predikat
  • In the evening, "John" used to mail me. subjekt
  • At night, "shops" are closed. subjekt
  • At night, shops "are closed". predikat
  • Rudolf Diesel "invented" the diesel engine. predikat
  • "Rudolf Diesel" invented the diesel engine. subjekt
  • The old man "was" sick. predikat
  • "The old man" was sick subjekt

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