Survival II

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  • stroll a slow walk
  • bear cub a baby bear
  • undergrowth plants that grow under trees
  • paw the ‘hand’ of an animal like a dog or a bear
  • at the mercy of in a position where so or sth has control over you
  • swipe to move an arm quickly, often to hit something
  • stale old, un pleasant
  • roar the loud noise made bya lion, bear, tiger etc.
  • independent not controlled by ather people
  • anxious nervous, scared, frightened
  • drag to pull sth heavy along the ground
  • while despite the fact that, although
  • raise to bring up (children)
  • tolerate to accept sth that is not nice
  • scavenge to gather food that others have left
  • hunter so who looks for animals to kill
  • power of speech the ability to speak
  • emigrate to move to another country
  • common shared
  • seek (sought, sought) out to look for
  • distress flare a ligt you can shoot in the air when you have problems
  • shrine a special bulding for religious
  • lizard a snake-like reptile with four legs
  • oasis a small lake i a desert
  • nomads people who don´t have a fixed home but move around

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