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  • evening aabig
  • to arrive aacho
  • phone call aaruef
  • kinky abartig
  • failed abverheit
  • formal goodbye ade
  • sometimes amigs
  • butter anke
  • car auto
  • to drive a car autofahre
  • sorry / excuse me äxgüsi
  • to take a bath bade
  • to swim bädele
  • towel badtüechli
  • mountain berg
  • bed bett
  • bedtime snack bettmümpfeli
  • to admire bewundere
  • to pee bisle
  • a little bit bizzeli
  • idiot blödian
  • walk around undressed blüttle
  • to cry briegge
  • brother brüeder
  • to cry brüele
  • drunk bsoffe
  • to work büätzä
  • to rida a bus busfahre
  • cat büsi
  • cat busle

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