Thai konsonanter

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  • K (koa kai)
  • Kh (kho khai)
  • Kh (kho khuat)
  • Kh (kho khwai)
  • kh (kho khon)
  • Kh (kho ra-khang)
  • Ng (ngo ngu)
  • Ch (cho chaan)
  • Ch (cho ching)
  • Ch (cho chang)
  • S (so so)
  • Ch (cho choe)
  • Y (yoa ying)
  • D (do cha-da)
  • T (pa-tak)
  • Th (tho than)
  • Th (tho montho)
  • Th (phu-thao)
  • N (no nen)
  • D (do dek)
  • T (to tao)
  • Th (tho thung)
  • Th (tho thahan)
  • Th (tho thong)
  • N (no nu)
  • B (bo baimai)
  • P (pla)
  • Ph (pho phueng)
  • F (fo fa)
  • Ph (pho phan)
  • F (fo fan)
  • Ph (pho sam-phao)
  • M (mo ma)
  • Y (yo yak)
  • R (ro ruea)
  • L (lo ling)
  • W (wo waen)
  • S (so sala)
  • S (so rue-si)
  • S (so suea)
  • H (ho hip)
  • L (lo chu-la)
  • X (o ang)
  • H (ho nok-huk)

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