The Cost of Careless Living (Eng-Eng)

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  • quaver shake slightly
  • phlegm mucus; slimy liquid in your nose and throat
  • disobey refuse to follow instructions, defy
  • stiff (here) high, steep
  • penalty (here) fine, charge
  • vast enormous, extensive
  • tangle untidy/confused mass, jumble
  • bonfire large open-air fire, blaze
  • on the instant (archaic) instantly, immediately
  • cup (here) hold
  • mere simple
  • conduct arrange, carry out
  • sway move slowly and rhythmically from side to side
  • envelop enclose, surround (completely)
  • finicky requiring or showing great attention to detail
  • annihilate destroy
  • expendable disposable, of little importance
  • throttle choke, strangle
  • wax (literary) grow, become larger
  • teeming crowded, full
  • infinitesimal (formal) tiny
  • disproportion (formal) imbalance
  • resilient hardy, strong
  • sheathed over covered, encased
  • coil curl, twist
  • save (here, formal) but, except for
  • talon claw
  • remit (here) pay back, settle
  • wrench pull hard, yank
  • fount (literary) fountain, spring
  • gush flood, spurt
  • gauze thin transparent fabric
  • valve tap, regulator
  • mooring place where something is fixed or tied
  • fumble move your hands around clumsily

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