Tobira - Lesson 2

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  • けいご honorific language
  • くだけた plain; relaxed; informal
  • じつは to tell the truth; as a matter of fact
  • ふくざつ complicated
  • きまり rules; customs
  • lesson
  • ていねい polite; respectful
  • つかいわける to use different things properly according to the situation
  • げんご language
  • あいて the person one is speaking to; partner; opponent
  • かえる to change; alter
  • ぶぶん part; section
  • だんせい male
  • じょせい female
  • くらべる to compare
  • ぶんまつ the end of a sentence
  • あらわれる to appear
  • あのかた that person (polite)
  • かんじ feeling; impression
  • おおくの many; a lot of
  • ばめん scene; situation
  • かんさつ observation
  • あいつ that guy (vulgar)
  • ひょう table; chart
  • だんじょ man and woman
  • おれ I (male)
  • このへんに around here
  • おごる to treat (a person to a meal, tea, etc.)
  • ずいぶん a lot; very much
  • もじ letter; character
  • こいびと boyfriend; girlfriend
  • れい example
  • ひょうげん expression
  • しょうりゃく omission; abbreviation
  • だんしゅくけい contracted from
  • さいご the last; the end
  • れんらく contact; communication
  • はっきり clearly
  • さそう to invite; ask (a person to something)
  • ことわる to refuse; decline
  • つごうがわるい inconvenient; to have a schedule conflict
  • きぶん feeling; mood
  • おねがい request; favor
  • たいせつにする to value; treasure; think a great deal of
  • はなしことば spoken language
  • かんたん simple; easy
  • こういう of this kind; like this
  • なれる to get; become used to
  • とうち inversion
  • りゆう reason
  • じょうきょう situation
  • このような this sort of; such
  • とくちょう special feature; characteristic
  • かきことば written language
  • ひつよう necessity; need
  • けいたい cellular phone
  • ふつう usually; commonly
  • たい style (of language use)
  • ろんぶん essay; thesis; dissertation
  • きょうみぶかい very interesting
  • あう to suit; match
  • あやまる to apologize
  • おたく one's home (polite)
  • おせわになる to be under the care of; be indebted to (someone for something)
  • ごめんなさい I'm sorry
  • しょうしょう a little (formal)
  • かちょう section chief
  • きゅう sudden; abrupt
  • すぎ after; past
  • むりをする to take it too far; go to far

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