Turkish verbs

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  • to wish dilemek
  • to recognize tanımak
  • to migrate göçmek
  • to spend harcamak
  • to touch dokunmak
  • to speak, to meet with görüşmek
  • to believe inanmak
  • to trust güvenmek
  • to walk around dolaşmak
  • to take away götürmek
  • to push itmek
  • to stay, to remain kalmak
  • to add eklemek, katmak
  • to hear duymak, işitmek
  • to pass geçmek
  • to shine, to glow parlamak
  • to escape kaçmak
  • to cover kapsamak
  • to come across rastlamak
  • to break kırmak
  • to hide saklamak
  • to slide kaymak
  • to offer teklif etmek
  • to be born doğmak
  • to win kazanmak
  • to suppose, to assume sanmak
  • to suppose varsaymak
  • to assume üstlenmek
  • to cut kesmek
  • to sell satmak
  • kokmak to stink
  • to change değişmek
  • to prevent önlemek

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