Unit 1

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  • Where is he from? Kust ta pärit on?
  • He is from Spain Ta on Hispaaniast
  • He is Spanish Ta on hispaanlane
  • France Prantsusmaa
  • French prantslane
  • Mexico Mehhiko
  • Mexican mehhiklane
  • Poland Poola
  • Polish poolakas
  • Greece Kreeka
  • Greek kreeklane
  • France Prantsusmaa
  • French prantslane
  • Turkey Türgi
  • Turkish türklane
  • What is he like? Missugune ta on?
  • He is handsome Ta on kena
  • She is beautiful Ta on ilus
  • He is short Ta on lühike
  • He is tall Ta on pikk
  • He is slim Ta on sale
  • He has got dark hair Tal on tumedad juuksed
  • He has got fair hair Tal on heledad juuksed

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