unit 3: lifestyle

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  • habit 习惯
  • night cat 夜猫子
  • able to 能够
  • on time 按时
  • three meals a day 一日三餐
  • regularly 规律
  • overwork 加班
  • simply 简直
  • have to 只好
  • because i start class at 8, i wake up ay 6:30 every day 因为8点要上课,所以我每天6点半就要起床
  • to me this is too hard 这对我来说简直太难了
  • the truth 实话
  • to change 改变
  • to become 成为
  • simple 简单
  • important 重要
  • typical 典型
  • to have to 只好
  • in order to 为了
  • general 一般

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