Unit 4.3 (nouns) English Academic vocabulary

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  • accuracy precision
  • analysis examination
  • approach angle of study
  • assessment test
  • assumption informed guess
  • authority expert
  • category type
  • claim argument/thesis
  • controversy debate
  • correlation link
  • deterrent disincentive
  • emphasis weight put on one area
  • evidence proof
  • exception different thing
  • extract part of a longer work
  • ideology belief
  • implication unstated suggestion
  • innovation new introduction
  • intuition understanding without thinking
  • motivation incentive
  • perspective angle of study
  • phenomenon unusual event
  • policy formal guidelines
  • preference favourite choice
  • process series of stages
  • proposal suggestion
  • provision supply
  • sequence series of stages
  • strategy plan
  • substitute replacement
  • technique method
  • validity truth

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