Verb, Arabiska 3

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  • تَزَوَّج to marry
  • عاد to return
  • تراسل to exchange letters
  • انقطع to stop the flow of sth.
  • اطلَّ to be directed towards
  • اِمتَدَّ to spread
  • يُسمّى to be called
  • اِشتهر to be famous for
  • جذب to attract
  • اِعتمد to depend on
  • صنع to make
  • نسج to weave
  • تضمّن to include, compromise
  • اعْلَنَ to advertise
  • اِستغْرَقَ to take up time
  • نزل to get off/ to get down, stay in a hotel
  • تجوَّل to walk around
  • حجر to book, reserve
  • ردَّ to reply
  • رفع to lift
  • يتناول to eat
  • مرَّ to pass by
  • اِرتدَّى to wear
  • يروي to water
  • أسمى to name
  • يتأرجح to swing
  • تَشجّعَ to be encouraged
  • اِبتاع to buy
  • رَنا to stare
  • مَرِحَ to play cheerfully
  • اِخْتَفَى to disappear
  • حَذَّرَ to warn
  • بَقَى to stay/remain
  • هاجم to attack
  • اِلتَهَمَ to devour
  • فقز to jump
  • راقب to watch
  • لطَّف to become nice
  • سرق to steal
  • لَطَّخ to stain
  • اِختَبَئ to hide
  • شبع to feel full
  • اِستردَّ to revoke
  • اِستيقظ to wake up
  • عطش to feel thirsty
  • رَوَى to quench the thirst
  • سقط to fall
  • غُرِقَ to drown
  • يُزَيِّنَ to decorate
  • يَعْتَنِي to take care of
  • يرعِى to foster
  • يموت to die
  • نسي to forget
  • اِفْتَقَدَ to miss
  • أَوْصَى to request someone
  • اعدَّ to prepare, make ready
  • بسم to smile
  • اِبتَسَمَ to smile
  • سها to forget
  • مرّ to pass by
  • كرّر to repeat
  • وعد to promise
  • اِنتحر to commit suicide
  • مزّق to rip apart

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