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  • jag sover I sleep
  • du sover you sleep
  • han sover he sleeps
  • hon sover she sleeps
  • dom sover they sleep
  • ni sover you sleep
  • Olle och Lisa sover Olle and Lisa sleep
  • min hund leker my dog plays
  • mina katter leker my cats play
  • herr Jonsson springer mr Jonsson runs
  • mamma springer mum runs
  • pojkarna läser the boys read
  • pojken läser the boy reads
  • min bror simmar my brother swims
  • mina bröder simmar my brothers swim
  • barnen hoppar the children jump
  • barnet hoppar the child jumps
  • Annika sjunger Annika sings
  • Annika and Oliver sjunger Annika and Oliver sing

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