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  • , åka go, went, gone
  • Kosta cost, cost, cost
  • Vara be, was, been
  • Ha have, had, had
  • Göra, tillverka make, made, made
  • Äta eat, ate, eaten
  • Börja begin, began, begun
  • Köra drive, drove, driven
  • Höra hear, heard, heard
  • Fånga catch, caught, caught
  • Känna feel, felt, felt
  • Förlora, tappa loose, lost, lost
  • Läsa read, read, read
  • Göra do, did, done
  • Se see, saw, seen
  • Glömma forget, forgot, forgotten
  • Sitta sit, sat, sat
  • Skriva write, wrote, written
  • Stänga shut, shut, shut
  • Växa grow, grew, grown
  • Bli become, became, become
  • Berätta tell, told, told
  • Svära swear, swore, sworn
  • Rida ride, rode, ridden
  • Möta meet, met, met
  • Lära sig learn, learnt, learnt
  • Säga say, said, said

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