Verbi irregolari (andare, fare, bere e uscire)

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  • I go? vado
  • You go? vai
  • He/She/It goes? va
  • We go? andiamo
  • You go? (plural) andate
  • They go? vanno
  • I do? faccio
  • You do? fai
  • He/She/it does? fa
  • We do? facciamo
  • You do? (plural) fate
  • They do? fanno
  • You drink? bevi
  • I drink? bevo
  • He/She/It drinks? beve
  • We drink? beviamo
  • You drink? (plural) bevete
  • They drink? bevono
  • I exit? esco
  • You exit? esci
  • He/She/It exits? esce
  • We exit? usiamo
  • You exit? (plural) uscite
  • They exit? escono

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