vikiga verb

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  • to do delat
  • to last trvat
  • to begin zacit
  • to rest odpocivat
  • to earn vydelat
  • to get up vstat
  • to listen poslouchat
  • to sell prodat
  • to have breakfast snidat
  • to have lunch obedvat
  • to know znat
  • to take pills uzivat
  • I want to eat dam si
  • i have mam
  • you have mate
  • han/hon have ma
  • to give davat
  • to have mit
  • to wait cekat
  • to look divat se
  • to be interested zajimat se
  • to use pouzinat
  • to appear/look like vypadat
  • to look for hledat
  • to take place konat se

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