Words Fiction and Debate

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  • renowned famous and admired
  • inherent basic, natural
  • encounter meet, experience
  • tedious boring, monotonous
  • define define, express
  • down-to-earth realistic, practical and sensible
  • adopt take on, choose
  • protagonist central character
  • immensely extremely, very
  • dubious doubtful, unsure
  • alleged supposed, claimed to be true
  • utilize use, make use of
  • inevitable unavoidable
  • multifaceted having many different aspects
  • indisputable certain, indeniable
  • mesmerized captivated, fascinated
  • pulp fiction popular fiction considered to be of poor quality
  • convey communicate, reveal, express
  • contemporary modern, present-day
  • hallmark typical feature
  • in-depth comprehensive, profound
  • perception way of understanding or thinking about something
  • assess judge, evaluate
  • narrative story, way or process of telling a story
  • highbrow intellectual, cultured
  • lowbrow shallow, unsophisticated, popular
  • upcoming coming soon, happening soon
  • prior to before, in advance of
  • graduate complete one's studies at university
  • attend go regularly to
  • determined having made a firm decision to do something
  • advantageous beneficial, valuable
  • meagre not enough, too little
  • intend plan, have as an aim
  • burden serious or difficult responsibility
  • merit value, good quality
  • dead-end with no possibility of further progress
  • approach method, way of dealing with something
  • gain obtain, get
  • labourer person whose job involves unskilled manual work
  • surplus excess, oversupply
  • acknowledge accept or admit that something exists or is true
  • overcrowded overfull, containing too many people
  • sufficient enough, adequate
  • means money, financial resources
  • pinch steal
  • aptitude natural skill, natural ability
  • carefree untroubled, free from worry
  • discrepancy difference
  • field area, subject, profession
  • weed out get rid of, discard
  • consequently as a result

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