Zeina 2

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  • زائد +
  • ناقص -
  • مين اللي عزم التاني Who payed? (for the other person)
  • ولا كل واحد دفع عن حاله Or did each one pay for him/herself?
  • بدوق I taste
  • دُقت I tasted
  • انا اختصرت I shortened (the story)
  • مزاج mode
  • سياج fence
  • سور wall (mur)
  • عجل lamb
  • دفش he pushed
  • هو دِفش he is "pushy" (literally or in speaking)
  • هم بيلهو انا بلهي انا لهيت they distract, I distract, I distracted
  • توقيع signature
  • بزحف he crawls (kryper, bebis)
  • اكل رأسي he speaks annoyingly "he ate my head"
  • انا نسيت اَشَغِل الكيزر I forgot to switch on the (water)heater
  • انا اكلت عالواقف I ate while standing
  • بعديها بعدو afterwards
  • عمان هالقد Amman is this (not) big! (you meet people by coincidence)
  • هالقد This much!
  • قد ما As much as…(you like)
  • قد ماغنوس As much as…(Magnus likes)
  • محايد neutral
  • الله يجيب اللي فيه الخير ?
  • الفي The shadow
  • لهاية napp
  • الكلب في سابع نومة The dog is in deep sleep, in the seventh degree of sleep
  • نقزت انا بَنقُز I become, surprised, scared
  • انا اقتنعت بقتنع I am/become convinced
  • هو اَقنع He convinced
  • مقتنع convinced
  • تبشير christian mission, preaching
  • صفّر whistle
  • انا بلحق انا لحقت I follow, followed
  • اِلحق follow!

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