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English: all of you, all, folks, German: alle, allerseits, allesamt, Spanish: pron todos

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allesammans Swedish

Englishall of you, all, folks
Germanalle, allerseits, allesamt
Spanishpron todos

alle sammen Norwegian

Germanalle zusammen

alle sammen Danish


allesamt German

Swedishallesammans, allihop, allihopa

allsköns Swedish

Germanallerhand, allerlei

all summer English

Swedishhela sommaren

alaskan English

Swedishfrån alaska

alezan French

Swedishfuxröd, fux

alexane French


allusion English


a lesson English

Swedishen lektion

a la semana Spanish

Swedishi veckan

allegiance English

Swedishlojalitet, trohet

allégement French

Swedishlättnand, lindring

allusion French


allsång Swedish


alles andere German

Swedishallt annat

algo mas Spanish

Swedishnågot mer

allgemein German

Englishgeneral, generally, public
Swedishallmän, allmänt

alle cinque Italian

Swedishklockan fem

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