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English: control, run

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bestämma över Swedish

Englishcontrol, run

bestämma er Swedish

Englishmake up your mind, make up your minnd

bestäma tider Swedish

Englishset times

bestämda tider Swedish

Englishset times

bestämma vägen Swedish

Englishlead the way

bestämma sej Swedish


bestämma mig Swedish

Englishmake up my mind

bestämma skatter Swedish

Englishset taxes

bestämma dig Swedish

Englishmake up your mind

bestämda steg Swedish

Englishbrisk pace

bestämmer Swedish

Englishdecide, is in charge

bestämma att Swedish

Englisharrange to
Italiandecidere di

bestämma sig Swedish

Englishdecide, make up your mind, make up one's mind
Germansich entscheiden

bestämmande Swedish


bestämmelse Swedish

Englishrequirement, regulation, covenant, clause

bestämbar Swedish


bestämma träff Swedish

Germaneinen Termin verabreden

bestämma Swedish

Englishdecide, define, rule, decreed, determine, fix, stipulate, make up your mind, be in charge, designate, settle, call the shots, arrange, assess
Frenchdecider, décider
Germanentscheiden, bestimmen, anberaumen
Spanishdecidir, decider

bestämmelseort Swedish

Englishdestination, place of destination

bestämde dig Swedish

Englishmade up your mind

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