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English: plunge, drop down

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dyka ner Swedish

Englishplunge, drop down

dessiner French

Swedishrita, måla, teckna, avteckna, framhäva

desaynar Spanish

Swedishäta frukost

du kommer Swedish

Frenchtu viens
Germandu kommst

de kommer Swedish

Frenchils viennent, elles viennent
Germansie kommen
Spanishvengan, vienen

déjeuner French

Swedishluncha, äta lunch

das nervt German

Swedishdet går på nerverna, det irriterar mig

das Meer German

Portugueseo mar

desayunar Spanish

Swedishäta frukost

desinere Latin


de känner Swedish

Spanishconozcan, sienten, conoceen

decennier Swedish


du känner Swedish

Spanishtocas, conozcas, conocees

du somnar Swedish

Spanishte duermes

de somnar Swedish

Spanishse duermen

decennary English


deaconry English


du skymmer Swedish

Englishyou are blocking, you're blocking

decimera Swedish


disinherit English

Swedishgöra arvlös

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